Dr. Keith McFarlane of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is the founder of the Portraits Africa project. Dr. McFarlane personally curates and works with each artist residing in several African countries to assist them in providing high-quality original fine art portraits of your family, loved ones, and selfies!

Commission your selfie portrait art from any one of the many artists represented https://portraitsafrica.wordpress.com

The Portraits Africa Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/portraitsafrica

Portraits Africa on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/portraitsafrica

If you would like to contact Dr. Keith McFarlane via email: editor@negativeentropy.net

Telephone: +31 20 672 78 06

Commissioning an Artist
 Why not commission an original, fine-art drawing or painting of your family or loved ones? Or perhaps you are inspired by an idea, a poem, or landscape? Portraits African can partner you with a young, highly skilled and creative talent. We can help you delight your family, we can help you re-imagine your dreams.

You will work directly with the artists, and you will share in the creative process. Portraits Africa will ensure the quality and delivery of the work. We will keep your money safe, releasing funds to the artist only after delivery of an exceptional work of art.

Portraits Africa delivers almost all of the portrait price to the artist. Bank charges and a commission of just 5% are levied on the purchase price, charged to the artist, and taken from the price agreed up-front between artist and buyer.

Portraits Africa offers a quality, reliability and financial security simply not present in a private sale between artist and buyer. The issue of trust is particularly acute with international transactions, and particularly with Africa.

Portraits Africa was designed specifically to reduce this barrier to the entry of gifted African artist into the European and North American market. It does so in three ways.

  1. We Assure Quality. Participating It artists are chosen from applicants in each participating country. The selection is done by Artworld / Portraits Africa in consultation with the adjudicator, an established artist resident in the artist’s home country.
  2. We Guarantee Delivery. A simple but effective quality assurance is provided, whereby an adjudicator will rule on the acceptability or otherwise of a commissioned artwork in the even of a dispute between artist and buyer. The adjudicator’s decision is final.
  3. We Safeguard your Cash. A fixed price is agreed upon upfront between artist and buyer. The full sum will be paid in advance, and held in trust by Portraits Africa. Funds will not be paid to the artist until the buyer has indicated his or her satisfaction, or until the appeals procedure has run its course.
 For a detailed account of how to commission an individual artist check out our brochure, Commissioning a Portrait. This contains full detail of the adjudication and disputes procedure. Also see our Terms & Conditions.
Keith McFarlane, Founder, Artworld, Portraits Africa,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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