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March 2016

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This collage art portrait by African artist Benon Lutaaya is one of the artworks that we’ve already shared on our new Instagram page for Portraits Africa. Have a look, and if you are on Instagram please follow us  here.

Artist Jay Kimathi’s Baby Portrait

You can buy prints of this artwork by Kenyan artist Jay Kimathi in our new online shop here:



We found out today that African artist Jay Kimathi is trending in Kenya according to a tweet we received to our Portraits Africa twitter account here.

Trendinalia Kenya sent us this tweet:

the 1st mention of ‘Kimathi’ appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in Kenya!


Happiness Needs No Money by African Artist Gideon Fasola

Happiness Needs No Money, Gouache painting on Card
41 cm x 61 cm, © 2015 Gideon Fasola.

Happiness is priceless– it cannot be bought. If the poor can be happy against all odds you can be happy in any unpleasant life situation. Choose to be happy and live a life of true happiness by appreciating and enjoying things around you– the sun, flowers, trees, snow, mountains, streams, fruit, voices, colours, shapes, forms, lines, words, and friends. These things cannot be purchased. But you can enjoy them and make yourself happy.

Limited edition prints here.

Portrait Painting by Lioda Conrad Signed by Nobel Laureate

News of Portraits Africa artist Lioda Conrad’s recent work, a portrait of former archbishop and Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu includes photos of the artist’s portrait painting being signed by Tutu himself. The painting is a donation made by the artist to the art auction event Life Imitates Art, in Cape Town on March 12th 2016.
Lioda Conrad's portrait of Desmond Tutu
Lioda Conrad’s portrait of Desmond Tutu

New Art and New Artists in Portraits Africa Print Store

Portraits Africa has added many new artworks by dozens of African artists to our print shop here. One ballpoint pen original titled Water by artist Mostafa Mosad Khodeir is now a limited edition print in our online store.

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