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Anton Kilian, South Africa

COMMISSIONS ARE INVITED. Terms as per African Portraiture Project. Prior agreement on price, delivery date, size and materials. Subject based on one or more digital photographs. EU fund-holder holds funds (payment in advance) pending satisfactory completion. Standard adjudication procedure. Funds released to the artists only on buyer’s / adjudicator’s approval.

Contact the should you have questions, and require information. The service is described in detail in or customer brochure, Commissioning a Portrait (see ).

CONTACT DETAILS. email: ; telephone: +27 61 181 5320 (Office hours, UTC+02:00))

ARTIST’S STATEMENT. Anton Kilian, born 18 February 1954. At school I use to draw with pencil, but never had any formal training in art. I studied law after school and enjoyed 25 years in the legal fraternity, among others, as a practicing advocate. Then in 2000, I bought myself a business and left the stresses of formal law practise. All these years I always wanted to explore any artistic talent that I may have, and when I turned 59(2013), I decided time is running out…now or never….. I took lessons from one Wessel Coetsee for 9 months. But then I decided that I want to paint the way I wanted to paint…and developed my own style…..based on the fact that I like portraits and bold colours. I am very much inspired by people like Solly Smook, Lionel Smit and Jimmy Law.

PORTFOLIO. See The “A Pretty Talent” Gallery at . Artworld app users should search for Port Elizabeth, ZA. Download the app (free of charge) from the Apple App Store:

PRICE-LIST. Negotiable, final price for agreement between artist & buyer. Oil on Canvas. 75cm x 45cm USD 700 (EUR 600). Payment outside ZA in USD / EUR only. — with DARKSIDE by Anton Kilian.